LH Assessments Ltd.

PO Box 6957 Ashbourne Derbyshire DE6 9AD

Tel: 07760 112985 Email: lyndon@lhassessments.com

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The following information is for guidance only. Please contact Lyndon for a proper estimate in individual cases. In promoting LH Assessments Ltd, however, I believe that my fees will prove to be very competitive compared with the larger organisations that offer similar services. I have set my fees below the market norm and no VAT applies.

A typical risk assessment of one adult, therefore, will not exceed £1,950 plus reasonable travelling expenses.

A typical risk assessment of an adult couple (or two adults) will cost no more than £2,950 plus reasonable travelling expenses.

Travelling time will be charged at £40 per hour and Mileage at 45p per mile.

I am prepared to take on work that is funded by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) at their ‘Expert Risk Assessor’ rate. I understand that, after yet more ‘austerity cuts’, the current rate is £50.40 per hour. Travelling time will be charged at £40 per hour and mileage will be 45p per mile. I rarely, but sometimes, accept work funded at the rate for Independent Social Workers, i.e. £30 per hour.

Please contact Lyndon for an estimate on lyndon@lhassessments.com or ring him on 07760 112985.